COemission reduction by exploitation of
rolling resistance modelling of pavements



The COOEE project held a successful Green Road Infrastructure workshop on November 2014 with 50 international experts discussing C02 emissions from road transport related to rolling resistance.

The Danish Innovation Fund granted in 2011 13.8 million DKK
(approx. 2 million EUR) to the Cooee project (CO2 Energy Efficiency) to reduce road transport emissions of CO2 and nitrogen. The Cooee project is a collaboration between the Danish Road Directorate, Roskilde University, the Technical University of Denmark and NCC Roads.

The overall scientific coordinator is Professor Jeppe Dyre, Roskilde University, and the project manager is
Bjarne Schmidt, Danish Road Directorate.

It is estimated that 25 percent of the CO2 emitted on the roads is caused by rolling resistance. It is expected that 3-5% on fuel consumption can be saved, equivalent to at least 48 million litre of fuel annually. That will provide 45,000 tons less greenhouse gases as CO2 and 76 tons less nitrogen oxides NOx.


Cooee 2011